Crypto Cipher is the result of an amazing journey of challenges and pleasant discoveries prodded by our love for sounds, which saw the light of the day in late 2010. Traversing through this melodic journey, we captured and recorded rare sounds that we believe can very well be the answer to a variety of your musical requirements. One thing led to another and now we are a fully equipped sample library development audio lab that offers affordable, authentic sounding and high-quality sample instruments. We record performances by top-notch artists and raw organic sounds, which can be easily synced with any type of music production.

Crypto Cipher is spearheaded by Sumit Kumar, an electronic music composer, a sample library developer and a trainer with uncanny skills in creating ensembles that evoke all kinds of emotions in the listener. Exposed to the nuances of music at a tender age, he juggled physics, mathematics before gaining a BTech in Computer and finally letting his passion for sound-capturing guiding him back to the love of his life – music.

Crypto Cipher is basically team of Six members who works in different areas to make things possible with deep love and dedication. The team works not only in crypto cipher sample library projects, but in overall audio experience. Now, let us meet with other five who put their best in every which ways.

Kirti Taneja
Creative Art Designer
A Graphic Designer, Artist & Lecturer from New Delhi, India, is graduated in Fine Arts. As an artist she alternates between Abstract, Illustrative, Graphics & prints. At Crypto Cipher she takes care of all the Graphical work required in website and instruments GUI.  
Rishabh Rajan
Developer/Music Producer
"Rishabh Rajan is a multi-genre music producer/sound designer & educator. He is currently an electronic music production instructor at Dubspot NY & a Lead Course Developer at He has been producing electronic music under the pseudonym code:MONO.”
Hemant Springs
Technical supervision
Hemant Masters in his Technical works. Passionate in Electrical field along with his Graduation in Sound Engineering. All the custom wiring work at Crypto Cipher done under his supervision. His suggestions are always valuable to take things on next level.
Website Management
Santosh is our website administrator and is responsible for designing, coding and modifying our website, from layout to function and according to product specifications. He strives to make our online presence visually appealing with user-friendly design and clear navigation.
Server Management
Niraj is our server administrator to ensure that they run efficiently around the clock by maintaining software updates, designing and implementing new system structures, monitoring server activity, and auditing server security. His skills ensure that we handle high volume of Web activity.
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